M20 Engine Stripdown

As part of my ‘testing’ for timelapse footage I brought my GoPro over to my friend Ed’s to get some footage of us stripping down and cleaning the BMW M20 ready to go into his E21. The M20 is replacing the M10 that has a tiny¬†40k on it from factory. The E21 in question was built in ’77 so the mileage on this engine and chassis is nothing. The M10 block is a 4 cylinder, 1.8(carb) with 90bhp, whereas the M20 is a 6 cylinder, 2.5i with 170bhp. This E21 is going to fly!

The day was a real test for the GoPro as I still had the single original battery, unfortunately it didn’t last long enough :( I shot this a few months ago so I can’t honestly remember the settings I was shooting at.

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